The Importance of a Mom-Squad

Becoming a mom is SO exciting. More than exciting–LIFE CHANGING!

A lot of that time is such a blur. The long nights, early mornings, so many questions about how to do this “mom thing.” But what I do remember is the community of other moms that got me through. I literally would not be the mom I am today without them.

There is nothing more important than finding your community. The other moms who hold your hand through the hard days and jump and celebrate the good days. Who laugh at the crazy stuff that happens (literally you cannot make this mom stuff up) and encourage you to when it seems like the rough seasons and stages are NEVER …

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Doing Life Together

We were all created to do life together. But as moms, especially, we need each other. We need each other for support, love, care, carpool, extra wipes, play dates, errand help, and on and on. We need a helping hand, an arm around us, a coffee date. We are all in it together. We may not have the same story or the same struggle, but I guarantee you there is common threads. Motherhood is the real deal. And it isn’t easy. Naps may be isolating. Sleep may be scarce. Showering may be on the bottom of your to do list. But friends and community are a necessity. So let others be in your life and be in others lives. …

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Baked Oatmeal Muffins – A Recipe for Connecting

Food has always been something that we use to connect with the people around us- Weisser cookies at every event, other healthy baked goods, or meals to share! I wanted to share  with you one of my favorite recipes and one of Sophie’s new favorite breakfasts/snacks! Muffins are a perfect thing to connect with a new community or to share with your tribe at any event! And, these are healthy and a hit with kids 😄Ingredient List: 

2 Eggs

2 Tsp Vanilla

2 cups Applesauce

1 Banana, mashed

1/2 cup Honey

5 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

2 TBS Ground Cinnamon

1 TBS Baking Powder

1 Tsp Salt

2 3/4 Cups Almond Milk

Additional toppings (Optional): Chopped Apple …

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What If…Every Mom/Grandma Had a Support Community?

How would your life change as a mom or grandma if you had a community of women with whom you could share your life-your hopes and dreams, your joys and sorrows, your struggles and triumphs? These women could provide encouragement and support as well as accountability. They could be your hands and feet when you grow weary, your shoulder to cry on when you are sad, your boost of encouragement when you are down, your compass when you stray off course. Think of all the times you feel alone as you go about your day to day life. How wonderful would it be to have a small group of women who truly cared about your heart and soul? Women …

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Lesson I’ve Learned as a Mom: Don’t Compare

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison as a mom.

Momin’ ain’t easy!!!

And during those moments (days…years…) of despair there is bound to be someone doing it better. It’s always out there. On Facebook, Instagram, etc. “Perfect moms” with “perfect kids.” OH PLEASE!! That doesn’t exist. Social media is what we CHOOSE to show. Please remember that!


Also, PLEASE don’t judge!!

Let other moms make mistakes. Let other moms make different choices!

You know what is better than comparing? LOVING, HONORING, PRAISING other moms. If you see a mom doing a great job, compliment her! Maybe ask her her secret. (Chances are you just caught her on a good day…but you never know). …

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Lessons I’ve Learned… Freedom I’ve Gained

One of the things I have learned as a mom in my 9 months, is to be consistent but not controlling. The picture above doesn’t apply to me yet, but I know it may in the future. So whatever stage you are in, think of where you can let go of a little control, but stay consistent.  There are so many things as a pre-mom that you think, oh I would never do that, or I don’t like that, and on and on and on… But you know what,Sometimes you don’t understand until you are in the thick of it. Sometimes things don’t go your way. Sometimes things turn out completely different than you expected. And guess what, …

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Lessons I’ve Learned as a Mom…

No one can ever tell you exactly what it will be like to become a Mom. I became a first-time Mom just over a year ago and it has been quite the ride. I’m not going to lie and say I have loved every minute of it; it is a challenging job, but the moments of growth and joy that I get to see in my daughter make those tough moments/days/weeks/months so worth it! Here are a few lessons that I have learned along the way…

  1. I am Not in Control

The meaning to this is two-fold. I have had to learn that I have been blessed with this child and ultimately she is God’s daughter. He has entrusted …

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20 Things I have Learned as a Mom/Gammie

In honor of Mother’s Day I sat down and brainstormed some of the important things I have learned as a mom-to 4 beautiful daughters and 4 awesome SIL and aka Gammie to 9 incredibly awesome grandkids…….the list could go on and on but I decided to just let my heart lead and share some of what popped into my mind…..

1. Find your significance in God alone, not in how your children behave, how your husband treats you or how clean and tidy your house stays day to day.
2. Have a servant’s heart and model servant leadership in your family.
3. Be approachable and full of lovingkindness.
4. Know your purpose and help your kids learn theirs.
5. …

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from Growing Weisser.

It filled my heart with so much joy to see our social media feeds flooded with pictures of happy moms and families yesterday.

While we celebrated with all of you, we also want to acknowledge those of you who have lost a mother, or are struggling with infertility or loss. We know some of these struggles all too well, and the sadness that comes with it. The heartache when something seems like the right timing, and wondering where God’s plan is in all that. We don’t have the answer, but we do know that God’s plan and His timing are perfect. We know that He has plans for you even when you can’t …

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Mom-Must Haves: Learning DVDs

There are SO many options when it comes to fun learning shows. Personally, it can be quite overwhelming! One of my favorite ways to navigate all the choices is to ask trusted friends. I want to be that trusted friend for you and share a two of our MUST HAVE learning DVDs that are worth the investment.

Signing Time

Signing Time is one of our family favorites. I took my first daughter to signing classes at the library when she was a baby and instantly fell in love. I started borrowing Signing Time DVDs from the library to try them out and they were a hit. I loved how Signing Time Rachel used different teaching methods to teach the …

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