Refresh Your Next Easter Celebration with a Passover Seder

When I was growing up, my family celebrated Passover-led by my wonderful Jewish grandfather. I did not realize the incredible richness and depth of importance in the details of the Seder service until I was in my teens, after I had become a follower of Jesus. Although the Passover celebration is a Jewish festival, it holds deep significance and meaning for believers who call themselves Christians. So this Easter season, our life group from our church decided to have a Seder dinner, and the next night we attended a Seder dinner held at the Messianic Jewish Congregation gathering in a nearby town. Adding the Passover Seder dinner as part of our Easter festivities has enhanced my appreciation of the …

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Happy Easter – HE IS RISEN

Happy Easter!

The message of Easter never gets old. It is THE message. THE reason our hope is in a living God.

Today, we sang the song, “What a Beautiful Name,” at church. I feel like this song is such a perfect telling of the Easter story, and the exact words to read and share this Easter day. I have posted the words below, but I recommend if you can, watch the lyric video and sing this praise song to our Lord.

What a Beautiful Name Lyric Video

You were the Word at the beginning
One With God the Lord Most High
Your hidden glory in creation
Now revealed in You our Christ
What a beautiful Name it is

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Easter EGG-ercise – Get Your Bunny Tails Moving

There are so many fun ways to incorporate fun and fitness into your family life. My sister sent me this idea from The Seasoned Mom, and you know me and exercise – I HAD TO TRY IT!

My girls are obsessed with Easter egg hunts. Do you follow us on Instagram @growingweisser? I shared one of our favorite Easter activities is the Egg Hunt at Disneyland Resort. You find character eggs all over the parks or even Downtown Disney and get a cute collectable egg to take home (when you purchase a map!)

What you need:

plastic eggs


paper and pen

First I wrote out fun exercises in paper. Then I folded the paper up in the …

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Are you thirsty? Do you feel like your thirst is never quenched? Do you feel an ongoing need for hydration? Are we every fully satisfied?

Water is essential to our lives. I am sure you already know we cannot survive without it. But did you know our bodies are made of 50-70% water? Water is vital as it dissolves substances, carries nutrients, transports oxygen, aids other organs, regulates body temperature, sends electrical messages, helps digestion, and many other essential functions. And not only is our body made of water, we have to continually put water in to continue replenishing what we use and lose. So we never arrive and have a sufficient and lasting amount of water. We always …

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Carrot Candy Cones

Easter is on Sunday! Although it is important to remember that it is really about Jesus, I love any excuse to give or create a gift; so I love Easter baskets! I adapted a fun craft from “Emma Owl” that is VERY SIMPLE and a very cute addition to your Easter baskets this year!

Carrot Candy Cones do not require many items except for some simple household items and your favorite Easter treats. In our home, our favorite holiday (especially Easter) chocolates and treats have always come from See’s Candies from as far back as I can remember. I loved finding a craft to combine with my favorite chocolates 🙂 And, this is definitely a craft that …

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Freekeh Salad-A New Taste in an Easter Picnic or Brunch side dish

Easter Brunch or Picnic Fun—-Freekah Salad

Easter is a fun day to gather with friends and family. There are many traditions that make that day extra special. Being outdoors and celebrating resurrection Sunday with a picnic and time together is part of the way we like to remember the true meaning of Easter. New life, new beginnings and the opportunity to experience God in a fresh new way was made possible when Jesus died on the cross and came to life again on resurrection day!

Here is a new recipe that I tried last week and will make for our Resurrection Sunday/Easter picnic. It is made out of a grain called Freekeh. Freekeh (or farik) is ancient food

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What Easter is really all about

Easter has become all about the Easter Bunny, the egg hunt, baskets, and the new outfit. But we can bring Jesus into all of that. There are ways to incorporate the real story of Jesus into the eggs, the fun, the candy, and the whole day.

Easter Story: Talk about the Easter Story, Passover, Palm Sunday, Lent, Good Friday, and Resurrection Day. Celebrate the day, possibly have a passover meal

Decorating Eggs: Resurrection Eggs

Egg Hunt: 

  • Use the resurrection eggs. Have different prizes for different eggs
  • Hide clues in the eggs and the kids have to answer the question to get the prize
  • Egg a friends house

Easter Basket:

  • Easter kid books:
  • New Bible
  • Cross Necklace
  • Bible verse

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Donut Forget Jesus on Easter — The Empty Tomb

This year has gone by so fast and Easter will be here before we know it! My hubby is on vacation so I found a fun Easter idea that he would appreciate- which would be anything with DONUTS 🙂 I love this idea that was adapted from because it is SIMPLE and a fun reminder of the real meaning of Easter!!

What You Need:

Glazed donuts

Donut Holes

Paper Plates (small or large)


Optional: Graham Crackers, Peanut Butter, Toothpicks, Tape, Paper, Pen


  1. Write an Easter Bible verse or phrase on the paper plate – I used Luke 24:2, “And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.” Other options: 1 Corinthians 15:3-5, Romans

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Easter Craft to Share Love

Only two weeks before Easter Sunday and I am thinking of how I can bless others and at the same time expose them to new and exciting ways to add deeper meaning to their Easter celebration. I am always looking for how to creatively combine the fun aspects of Easter with the real reason that we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. I saw this website and really liked this free printable the blogger offered. So I downloaded it and made a basket full of Easter M&M treat bags to share with friends. I am hoping to invite them to our church for our Easter celebration if they don’t have a place to worship on Easter Sunday. I have found that in …

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Get Into Action

As our March comes to a close, we hope that you have enjoyed our focus on health and nutrition! Please let us know what you liked best so we can be sure to give you more of what benefits you!

Summer will be here before you know it, so NOW is the time to build up your habits and get into action towards your goals. Don’t get overwhelmed by how far you have to go. Every day is a chance to take a step forward toward that end results.




Do something toward your goal every day. Not some days. EVERY DAY! Even a small step forward is a step. Pretty soon you’ll be taking leaps! …

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