Making Summer Meals Fun

I LOVE to cook and during the summer months I like to try new recipes and use the barbecue. I LOVE to eat outside and to have friends over for homemade ice cream and spend long summer afternoons and evenings hanging out by the pool. BUT, this summer has been a different story……You may be wondering what these pictures have to do with making fun summer meals……well, the reality is that this summer, I am attempting to make fun summer meals from my 60 square ft. laundry room. My creativity and patience have been put to a test for the past 7 1.2 months as we have waited and watched our kitchen restoration/floor repair/remodel take place after a refrigerator …

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Relationships Are Meant to Be FUN!

Relationships are FUN! Sharing time, laughter and memories is a JOY!!

It can be easy to get caught up in our own schedules and our own struggles, but that is when it is most important to look for those connections with others!

I have made a personal goal to make more connections this Summer! I created a Facebook group to get other moms together for playdates and memories. I am guilty of waiting to be invited to things, so I decided to be the INVITER–To set up times for connecting and playing and not allowing myself any excuses not to get out and HAVE FUN!!

We’ve had a few events so far and it was a blast to see …

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Real Relationships through Tangible Connection


Do you find yourself connecting with people through looking at your social media feeds?? This may be a way to know about their life, to see what they are up to, but its not real connectedness. It almost feels like an empty connection. It is a awareness without the heart and soul connection.   We were created for relationships, togetherness, and real relationships.

When was the last time you shared a coffee with someone, went on a walk with a friend, had a real conversation. Or are you stuck knowing people through the phone or internet? It is hard. We are all busy doing different responsibilities, activities with our families, theres not much room.  But we can make space.  …

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Communicating in Relationships Using Love Languages

Do you ever feel like certain ways of communication that resonate with you do not for someone else? Maybe that is because how your love tank is filled is not the same as another. Gary Chapman wrote a book called “The 5 Love Languages” that explains his conclusion that there are “five emotional love languages – five ways that people speak and understand emotional love.”

He states in his book, “Inside every child is an ’emotional tank’ waiting to be filled with love. When a child really feels loved, he will develop normally, but when the love tank is empty, the child will misbehave. Much of the misbehavior of children is motivated by the cravings of an empty ‘love

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Couples Improve Communication by Sharing a Passion

Communication is key in relationships. Growing together in marriage takes time, focused attention and a decision to always be a student of your spouse-their likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, their struggles and their concerns. As we mature, we see the reality of the commitment and hard work that is needed to keep the love in marriage fresh and exciting. Marriage is not 50-50…yes there will be compromise and some give and take but unless each one of you are willing to give 100% there will be heartache. Marriages can become stagnant, spouses can get too busy with the children’s activities and all the time it takes to raise the kids. Marriage partners can drift apart as each …

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Creating Excitement Around the Table

Meals with little ones can be a struggle. Trying to get the kids to eat, teaching manners, trying again to get them to eat…it is exhausting.

I have found that cooking meals together creates more excitement around the table.

It might seem simple, but thinking of the cooking as a learning and bonding experience brings that attitude to the meal. Rather than seeing the frustrating and annoying things happening at the table, you see the meal you worked on as a family AND chances to teach and learn and grow together as a family!

I find that cooking together also creates an excitement to EAT the meal. PRAISE THE LORD! A meal the kids actually want to eat!!


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Connecting at the Dinner Table – Active Listening

Do you ever feel like there are so many distractions around you that you are always half listening to those you are having conversations with? Technology, noise, fulfilling others needs…how do you connect when there always seems to be something pulling you in a different direction than where you can be fully present?

Malinda Carlson from the blog A Fine Parent says, “Active listening paves the way for us to have a better relationship with our kids. To feel listened to is to feel respected, valued, and loved. When our kids feel like we really listen to them, it builds their confidence and self-esteem. It reduces arguments. It makes them feel intelligent and capable. It builds emotional intelligence….Active listening …

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Around the Table-Communicating with our Children

This week we will be sharing about the importance of developing good communication with the members of your family. Summer time schedules are more relaxed and there is less urgency in the daily routine. This is a perfect time to start some new fun traditions around the table. It can be at breakfast when the children are beginning their day or at dinnertime when dad is home and everyone is settling in after a fun summer day full of activities. Some families have a table full of talkative children while others struggle to get their kids to answer questions with more than one word answers.
We raised girls, so talking around the table was not a difficult thing to …

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Sharing YOUR Favorite Things With Friends

Summer is a great time to share time with friends. School is out, schedules are simplified, and the days are long. Fill those long days with friends and simple activities!

I am working on having more of an open home – inviting people over more often. I decided to host a couple events this week, and it was SO fun!

In the past, I have felt nervous about having people over. I get in my head, “my house is small, I’m not good at decorating, where will the kids hang out, what will we do, do I feed people?” The reality is, people LIKE to be invited to things and hang out with friends! I had the idea to …

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Summertime, Outdoors, and Trying New Things

Summer is the perfect time to explore, try new things, get outdoors, and discover the world around you! What have you been putting off all year that you can try later? Have you been wondering what that new store is, where that new trail leads, or what that fun event entails? Take some time to plan out one or two new things a week to try on your own, try with your kids, try with your spouse. It can’t be that hard to plan one new thing a week right? Set a goal for yourself, grab a calendar, and start creating a plan.

My husband is off for the summer so I have been trying to think of one …

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