Real Relationships through Tangible Connection


Do you find yourself connecting with people through looking at your social media feeds?? This may be a way to know about their life, to see what they are up to, but its not real connectedness. It almost feels like an empty connection. It is a awareness without the heart and soul connection.   We were created for relationships, togetherness, and real relationships.

When was the last time you shared a coffee with someone, went on a walk with a friend, had a real conversation. Or are you stuck knowing people through the phone or internet? It is hard. We are all busy doing different responsibilities, activities with our families, theres not much room.  But we can make space.  …

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Creative Ways to Memorize Scripture

It’s summer! Kids are out of school! That means 3 months of no learning, right?? Hate to break it to you kids, but not exactly! Summer is a great time to focus on some of the things that may get put on the back burner during the craziness of the school year, like memorizing Bible verses! Even if there is an emphasis in your house to do this all year round, use the summer months to try some more creative ways to get those verses ingrained in your kids! It is so important to communicate to your children the importance of memorizing Scripture, hiding it in your heart and filling your mind with God’s Word! Make it fun, and …

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The Importance of a Mom-Squad

Becoming a mom is SO exciting. More than exciting–LIFE CHANGING!

A lot of that time is such a blur. The long nights, early mornings, so many questions about how to do this “mom thing.” But what I do remember is the community of other moms that got me through. I literally would not be the mom I am today without them.

There is nothing more important than finding your community. The other moms who hold your hand through the hard days and jump and celebrate the good days. Who laugh at the crazy stuff that happens (literally you cannot make this mom stuff up) and encourage you to when it seems like the rough seasons and stages are NEVER …

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Lesson I’ve Learned as a Mom: Don’t Compare

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison as a mom.

Momin’ ain’t easy!!!

And during those moments (days…years…) of despair there is bound to be someone doing it better. It’s always out there. On Facebook, Instagram, etc. “Perfect moms” with “perfect kids.” OH PLEASE!! That doesn’t exist. Social media is what we CHOOSE to show. Please remember that!


Also, PLEASE don’t judge!!

Let other moms make mistakes. Let other moms make different choices!

You know what is better than comparing? LOVING, HONORING, PRAISING other moms. If you see a mom doing a great job, compliment her! Maybe ask her her secret. (Chances are you just caught her on a good day…but you never know). …

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Must Have Products for New Mamas

This week, we are continuing to celebrate Moms – Woohoo!! Being a mom can be overwhelming and hard, and finding the “BEST” products can be even more overwhelming and hard! Today, I am going to share with you a few of my Must Have Products that I have loved as a new mom! These are products that I would call more of an investment – a few items that we spent the most money on, but also the products that we used the most, and probably more than we ever thought imaginable.


We have used our 4MOMS Playard more than I ever thought we would. When my daughter was first born, the playard is what she napped …

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Let’s Get Motivated!

“You can’t expect NEW results with the same habits.” – Susan Sly

Are you looking for motivation? Trying to get moving?

You have to do something different. You have to START.

Here are a few ways to get going:

  1. Get into action!
  2. Get accountability – tell some friends what you are doing. Better yet, encourage them to get going with YOU!
  3. Clear away distractions – clean up your workspace, make a nice workout area at home, turn off the TV, whatever is distracting you. MOVE IT AWAY!
  4. Stop Complaining. START DOING!
  5. Find inspiration. Put on uplifting music, read a good book, or listen to a podcast. Better yet, call a friend that makes you feel AMAZING!
  6. Exercise. It is

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Your Essential Self

I am currently reading a book by Shauna Niequest, her newest book Present over Perfect. In the chapter titled “Baptism” she talks about your essential self. She says “I thought midlife season would be about pushing into a new future… and it is. I thought it would be about leaving behind the expectations and encumbrances of the past. It is. What I didn’t know is that it would feel so much like recovering an essential self, not like discovering a new one. Hold close to your essential self.” This has really been resonating with me lately because becoming a mom, I feel like I am supposed to be this completely different person, have it all put together, and …

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Feel Refreshed with a New DO

Do you ever feel like your body gets too used to your deodorant and stops working as well? Have you heard about all the chemicals they put in deodorant? It has been founded that the aluminum that is in many antiperspirants is now linked to breast cancer and alzheimer’s – Yikes! We have tried to make some changes in our life that have been more natural and one of those changes has been in deodorant. The two brands we have tried is Simply Divine Botanicals and Native, which we have loved!

Simply Divine Botanicals

  • Spray
  • Aluminum free
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage and circulation
  • Made with all natural ingredients, including essential oils
  • Scents: Keeping Abreast of It, Lavender, Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit,

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Easter Craft to Share Love

Only two weeks before Easter Sunday and I am thinking of how I can bless others and at the same time expose them to new and exciting ways to add deeper meaning to their Easter celebration. I am always looking for how to creatively combine the fun aspects of Easter with the real reason that we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. I saw this website and really liked this free printable the blogger offered. So I downloaded it and made a basket full of Easter M&M treat bags to share with friends. I am hoping to invite them to our church for our Easter celebration if they don’t have a place to worship on Easter Sunday. I have found that in …

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The Benefits of Barre

After my first Barre class, I was sold. I loved the concept of getting deeper into the moves while using the ballet barre for balance. With the focus of tone and on muscles you didn’t even know you had, you will definitely feel these workouts. In a Fitness Magazine article, Sadie Lincoln, the founder of barre3 fitness says,

“Most barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.”

The article continued with …

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