Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Growing Weisser family!

Here are a few of my favorite Valentines…….. So adorable-little Garrett!!!

Rachel, Mikah, Ellie and Hanna fill our hearts with joy! Adorable Hanna and Mikah …Love and hearts everywhere! Fun and spunky Sophie who gets the award for #1 BEST big sister to Hezi!!!Precious Hezi and his new smile! Jorde having  yummy bowl of ice cream! Zeke making Valentines.Reese and her new bicycle.Calvin is always a happy boy.My sweet husband had these gorgeous flowers on the counter for me this morning. I gathered with some wonderful girlfriends to make homemade bagels that I am giving my sweet husband for his Valentine’s day treat.

The following Valentine is my absolute favorite…Love is in the air…it’s Valentine’s day!!!

This Valentine is sent to each one of us from God!!!

Read it and believe will change your life!!

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A Sticker Chart for a New Year

My focus for the year is to get more organized. This “organized” is all encompassing, including organizing the things in my home, my scheduling with a better routine, and my mindset as a mom. The “mindset as a mom” is a big one for me as I have often felt recently like I am always catching up instead of being ahead of the kids’ new transitions and phases. As a result, I am wanting to do more intentional parenting this year so that I can feel more on top of what my kids are going through and have a more smooth ride through each phase.

Lately, Sophie has been as curious as ever and testing more and more with each new day. It is sometimes hard to remember that just as I am learning everyday more of how to be a mom, she is learning how to go about life and how to grow and develop through different stages of life. And with that comes a lot of frustration and days filled with “No”. I was tired of having the same day over and over again and not doing anything to make a change.

Sophie has been very into stickers recently! She loves to make cards with stickers to send to her cousins and she loves to put stickers on her shirt. I decided to take this new interest and match it with something to encourage good behavior- A Sticker Chart! It is so simple to make and, so far, quite effective!

Here’s what I did…

  1. Choose your categories – Find a few tasks that your child can work on where you know they will be able to have some success. This is important for them to understand the concept of the sticker chart and to feel encouraged to continue
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The Names of Jesus: JESUS

“I AM THE GIFT that continuously gives – bounteously, with no strings attached. Unconditional Love is such a radical concept that even My most devoted followers fail to grasp it fully. Absolutely nothing in heaven or on earth can cause Me to stop loving you. You may feel more loved when you are performing according to your expectations. But My Love for you is perfect; therefore it is not subject to variation. What does vary is your awareness of My loving Presence.

When you are dissatisfied with your behavior, you tend to feel unworthy of My Love. You may unconsciously punish yourself by withdrawing from Me and attributing the distance between us to My displeasure. Instead of returning to Me and receiving My Love, you attempt to earn My approval by trying harder. All the while, I am aching to hold you in My everlasting arms, to enfold you in My Love. When you are feeling unworthy or unloved, come to Me. Then ask for receptivity to My unfailing Love.

-“Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young


Thank you for showing your true love by setting aside your Glory when you came to Earth as a baby for my salvation. Help me to remember this throughout the holiday season. You truly are the reason for the season. You were the ultimate gift, and your love has never wavered since. Allow me to find rest and peace in your unconditional love.



What an amazing statement that is sometimes hard to truly grasp in all its immensity! As we strive to keep Christ in Christmas, I want to teach my children, not only the story of Baby Jesus, but also the earthly beginning of the only TRUE LOVE that we can ever really …

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Gratitude Test

“As we near the end of this gratitude challenge, take this little quiz to see where you’re growing and where you still need work. Try answering these questions candidly—not just yes or no, but with supporting details that come to mind:”

Do I often complain about my circumstances, feeling like I deserve better?

Do others hear me voice more complaints and negative comments than words of gratitude about the typical events of daily life?

Would others describe me as a thankful person?

What evidence is there that I have a grateful or an ungrateful spirit?

How often do I begin statements with these words: “I am so thankful that . . .”?

Do I more frequently display a pessimistic, negative outlook or a positive, grateful perspective?

Am I reserved or eager when it comes to expressing appreciation to others?

My most recent expression of gratitude was . . .

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When we say YES!

What happens when we say YES to opportunities in our life? You will never know unless you step out a take a risk. I am so thankful each time I meet a new friend and say YES!                                    Yes to possibilities…YES to trusting…YES to serving together…YES to believing in the potential I see in the heart of others……..

I am so thankful for all my friends, new and old, that God has blessed me with in my lifetime. I am thankful for stepping out and opening my heart and my home to encourage others in their quest for life and fulfilling their passions. When you link arms with friends and work together toward a goal, you never know how much you will be blessed. Today we had our second Gogo Grandmothers Holiday Boutique. A few dear friends and I joined together to share our resources to raise money for a great cause and I came away so full of joy and a vision. Gogo Grandmothers ministry will be so grateful for the proceeds that will go to help purchase maize and fertilizer for the gogos (grandparents in Malawi) as they plant their gardens to provide food for their grandchildren. Check out the new website You too can join in our passion by learning about the ways you can put your love in action during this holiday season. Here are some pictures of our event and the fun we had serving together. So BLESSED by the YES!!!

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What if every day, all year long…….I remembered to be THANKFUL?????

What if tomorrow’s blessings and joy depended on today’s thankfulness…how much joy would I have tomorrow? This is just a hypothetical question because blessings are not necessarily a direct result of our thankfulness, but it is a great question to ponder. How often do I stop and give thanks for the beauty that surrounds me, the air I breathe, the home we have to give us shelter and security-a place to gather with family and friends. How often am I thankful for those I love the most? It is important to speak encouragement and blessings into the lives of the people we know and doubly important to show our thankfulness by communicating thoughts of life and love into the hearts of those we love the most. It brings me great joy to think of all the things I am thankful for, but I do not want to just remember to do this in November. I want to be a person that acknowledges my gratefulness by speaking words of encouragement and sharing my attitude of gratitude every day, all year long. Just think what my tomorrow would bring!!!!!

What if tomorrow’s blessings and joy depended on today’s thankfulness?

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Gratitude is Contagious

There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives! However, sometimes we get distracted by all the frustrations or difficulties happening around us. But always remember, our kids are watching.

“While teaching and instruction have their place in growing gratitude in our kids, the best teacher of all is our example.“

Gratitude is contagious. And, when are children can see our grateful hearts lived out everyday in us, they will want to have that same heart of thankfulness.

“Gratitude is more effectively caught than taught. How contagious are you, especially at home?”

Gratitude Challenge, Day 14                                  -Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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My Grateful Heart

This is my greatest hope-that my faith will never falter and that my life can be a living testimony to “how GREAT is MY God”!!! Gratitude changes the way I start my day! Gratitude guards against an attitude of self centeredness and entitlement.
Colossians 4:2 tells us to be watchful with thanksgiving!!!
Psalms 9:1-2 encourages me to give thanks to God with my whole heart.
So grateful for 10 grandkids including our newest grandson, Hezekiah “Hezi” Ari Banihashemi. I have had the privilege of helping out this first week of his new life. His big sister, Sophie, is adjusting to his arrival with lots of love and enthusiasm. He is a blessing to us and his story will always be a testimony of God’s gracious compassion.

How are you being “watchful” this month so that you do not miss the things you should be thankful for?

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A Grand Adventure (Part 1)

Three weeks of my life disappeared in a blink of an eye. Time is such a unique phenomenon. When you have a “to do” list a mile long it seems to hang over your head and creates stress and tension on a day to day basis. But when you have a deadline that includes leaving the country… power through that list in a day or two and get everything checked off-DONE!
That sensation of being free from the day to day commitments and obligations is a vacation in and of itself. Adding to that, a long awaited, much anticipated vacation to one of the spots on your bucket list is like a dream come true. Our 40th anniversary trip to Italy last month was all that rolled into one of the best vacations we have ever taken. It was far from “relaxing” but it was a GRAND ADVENTURE!
The planning and preparation was a bit more tricky than I anticipated because in the middle of planning our trip we had the unexpected kitchen disaster that dipped into our finances. But for me-the bargain hunter extraordinaire, it was a challenge that motivated me even more. Armed with my Rick Steve’s books, our Marriott points and our United mileage plus points, I began the process of planning. My goal was to provide the best trip possible on a shoestring budget and be able to see and do all the things we had dreamt about for years. Mission accomplished.
We began our trip in Venice. A very romantic city. Wandering the streets alongside the meandering canals was relaxing and fun. Although we had to navigate around the throngs of people who were there for the Italian Film Festival being held on the island of Lido and this prevented us from seeing the Armenian …

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Bringing Jesus Into Your Home — A Fun Devotional Activity to Do with Your Kids

I’m always trying to through how I will bring Jesus into our home for our family and children now and in the future – Fun activities, memorizing Scriptures as a family, devotionals. I want to start at a young age, but I know many of the more fun activities that we will all be able to do together with more of an understanding will come later when the kids are older. Today, I found what sounds like will be a really fun way to spend quality time with my kids while teaching and talking about Jesus!

“Kids crave constant activities and attention. Adults crave quiet moments of refreshment. How can we achieve both? Big and Little Coloring Devotional engages adults’ minds with appealing biblical devotionals while providing a creative outlet through coloring to diffuse stress.

Let’s have fun with our children through coloring and facilitate their spiritual growth with Scripture. Big and Little Coloring Devotional will incorporate physical, spiritual, and emotional refreshment by providing authentic faith-filled devotionals combined with therapeutic doodling for both the adult and child.”

Read more about the story of the project and preorder it from the link below

 Big and Little Coloring Devotional

You can also find it at Amazon,

(Click photo for the link)

Lifeway Christian Bookstore, and Barnes & Noble for Pre-order.

What are your favorite ways to bring Jesus into your home with young children?

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