Christmas Crafting 101-Christmas Garlands, Super Easy, Super FUN!!!

Do you have a box full of Christmas fabric scraps? You have never had the heart to just throw them away and you are sure that someday you will figure out a cool Christmas crafty project to make with those scraps. Well today is the day!!! We are going to show you the 5 easy steps to making a Christmas fabric garland. Get out that box of Christmas fabric scraps and let’s get started. (IF you do not have a box of scraps, zip on out to your favorite fabric store and buy ¼ yard of 5-10 fun Christmas fabrics that look good together and buy a ball of twine and then zip on home and join in on …

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Birthday Boy on a Budget

A week ago my little boy turned 1! I can’t believe it. A year ago I was blessed beyond measure with my little baby boy, who we named Garrett and has brought an enormous amount of joy into my life. And of course, in normal mom fashion, the one year old birthday party became a thing. I set out to not make it a big deal… but I was just having way too much fun! But one thing I did stick to was my budget. I was able to throw a fairly large birthday party and not spend too much money. It took lots of lists, preparation, help, delegation, and lots of time. But I loved it!

My best

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A Mother’s Day Craft that Will Hand the Moms in Your Life a Smile

It is hard to believe that I will be celebrating my second Mother’s Day already! Although my little one hasn’t started making me homemade crafts – I’ll give her a break, she’s only 14 months 🙂 – I can foresee in my future these being my most treasured gifts! Here is a fun craft that your kids are a part of that will definitely ~hand~ the moms in your life a HUGE smile!

What You Need:

Acrylic Paints

Paint brush

Cardstock or construction paper

Green straws, dowels, tongue depressors
(I used green Starbucks straws…I always grab extras when I go to have them on hand at home…shh don’t tell :p )


Hot Glue Gun

A Child’s Hand and …

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Easter EGG-ercise – Get Your Bunny Tails Moving

There are so many fun ways to incorporate fun and fitness into your family life. My sister sent me this idea from The Seasoned Mom, and you know me and exercise – I HAD TO TRY IT!

My girls are obsessed with Easter egg hunts. Do you follow us on Instagram @growingweisser? I shared one of our favorite Easter activities is the Egg Hunt at Disneyland Resort. You find character eggs all over the parks or even Downtown Disney and get a cute collectable egg to take home (when you purchase a map!)

What you need:

plastic eggs


paper and pen

First I wrote out fun exercises in paper. Then I folded the paper up in the …

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Carrot Candy Cones

Easter is on Sunday! Although it is important to remember that it is really about Jesus, I love any excuse to give or create a gift; so I love Easter baskets! I adapted a fun craft from “Emma Owl” that is VERY SIMPLE and a very cute addition to your Easter baskets this year!

Carrot Candy Cones do not require many items except for some simple household items and your favorite Easter treats. In our home, our favorite holiday (especially Easter) chocolates and treats have always come from See’s Candies from as far back as I can remember. I loved finding a craft to combine with my favorite chocolates 🙂 And, this is definitely a craft that …

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Easter Craft to Share Love

Only two weeks before Easter Sunday and I am thinking of how I can bless others and at the same time expose them to new and exciting ways to add deeper meaning to their Easter celebration. I am always looking for how to creatively combine the fun aspects of Easter with the real reason that we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. I saw this website and really liked this free printable the blogger offered. So I downloaded it and made a basket full of Easter M&M treat bags to share with friends. I am hoping to invite them to our church for our Easter celebration if they don’t have a place to worship on Easter Sunday. I have found that in …

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DIY Personalized Photo Valentine

This is my daughter Ellie’s first year in school, so our very first Valentine’s Day exchange is coming up. I wanted to attempt something special, and then take Ellie to the store to pick out Valentine’s as a back up. My attitude towards Pinterest projects is I love them if I can confidently complete them.

So, I got to Pinning. There were a lot of great ideas, but sometimes I get frustrated with Pinterest because a Pin takes you to the wrong link, only a photo, or a post with no tutorial!!

I decided to do the photo card where you pose the child to look like they are holding a lollipop, so when you add the REAL lolipop …

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Easy Homemade Ornament Craft

Looking for a last-minute easy gift or just a fun craft to do with your kids? This easy homemade ornament craft was super fun and quick to make.


I was able to purchase all the supplies, make, and deliver all in the same day. I realized last minute (typical me) that we hadn’t made Christmas gifts for our Daisy troop. I make a quick stop at JoAnn’s (with lots and lots of coupons in hand) and found all the supplies I needed.


Clear Glass Ornaments


Pom Poms


Sharpie Paint Pens


I wasn’t able to find cute Christmas pom poms, so the girls helped me sort the variety bag. We made piles of all the red, green, and white …

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Sponge Puppets

Here is a great art project for a hot summer day when you want to have fun indoors or outside in the shade.

My daughter, Ellie, found the idea in her Highlights magazine. I bought sponges at the store and used other craft supplies from the house.



Craft Glue or hot glue gun

pom poms

googly eyes

foam shapes




Heat the hot glue. If you are using hot glue have the kids plan out their puppet by drawing a picture or placing the craft pieces on their sponge. Then allow the adult to hot glue the items on. Let dry for at least 1 minute. That’s it. Now you have a fun character for puppet …

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Recharge Your Summer with a Bucket List

We have made it through the holiday weekend of summer! What are you going to do for the rest of your summer? Here’s an idea to recharge your creativity for fun summer plans!

Have you made a summer bucket list? Have you been working through it? If you have, look back through it and add activities that you have thought of or heard of from friends that you haven’t done yet. If you haven’t made one, do it now! There is still plenty of time to do all the things that you have always wanted to try – fun activities in your community, trying new restaurants, free summer events, crafts, home adventures and more!


Here is a fun way …

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