Turkey Zucchini Burgers

It’s not too late to do some more bbqing before summer is over! Here is a fun new recipe to try! Spice it up with different toppings, flavors, cheese, sauces. And Enjoy! We enjoyed these with sweet potato fries, and roasted vegetables. We wrapped the burgers in lettuce, with tomato, cheese, and avocado.


Turkey Zucchini Burgers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • ½ c shredded zucchini (squeeze out moisture, measured after squeezed)
  • ¼ c oats (grind into flour)
  • 2 cloves of garlic (minced)
  • 2 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 2tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp crushed red pepper (optional)
  • Tomato, avocado, lettuce

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Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies

We are rejoicing today because after a 9 month and 1 week wait….our KITCHEN IS FINALLY FINISHED!!! I spent the entire afternoon baking in preparation for a baby shower for our 10th grandchild. My heart is bursting with joy to be the blessed Gammie that I am. Children are a gift from the Lord and grandchildren are a double blessing. Watching my girls be moms to their children is one of the most amazing aspects of my life. I am so proud of the job they are doing. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world but it has the biggest payback when you see your own children passionately focusing on passing on many of the intentional things you …

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Hatch Green Chili Enchilada Casserole

As summer winds down and you find yourself a bit stressed about getting back into the routine of school schedules, regular commitments starting up again or just a busier life ahead…this is a great recipe to have on hand. It is easy and nutritious. You can make it ahead of time and bake it later. It serves a large family and is great for parties. I made this a few weeks ago when we had a crowd of people stay for dinner after Garrett’s first birthday. If you can’t find Hatch Green Chili Salsa you can use salsa verde.

10-12 medium sized flour tortillas (I used the homemade style ones from Trader Joe’s)
4 large chicken breast cooked and …

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Birthday Boy on a Budget

A week ago my little boy turned 1! I can’t believe it. A year ago I was blessed beyond measure with my little baby boy, who we named Garrett and has brought an enormous amount of joy into my life. And of course, in normal mom fashion, the one year old birthday party became a thing. I set out to not make it a big deal… but I was just having way too much fun! But one thing I did stick to was my budget. I was able to throw a fairly large birthday party and not spend too much money. It took lots of lists, preparation, help, delegation, and lots of time. But I loved it!

My best

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Fresh Harvest Vegetable Marinara Sauce

This is the FIRST OFFICIAL recipe I have cooked in my new kitchen!!!!

We still have a few little repairs that need to be finished before it is completely done, but I can start creating new recipes and get back into my love of cooking now that I don’t have to cook in my laundry room anymore. It has been a LONG 8 months.

One of my distractions while waiting on the kitchen to be finished has been tending my vegetable garden…..Having a vegetable garden is fun and rewarding. The challenge is to use up the produce as it fills up the kitchen. So I decided to be creative and see how many of the vegetables from our garden …

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Making Summer Meals Fun

I LOVE to cook and during the summer months I like to try new recipes and use the barbecue. I LOVE to eat outside and to have friends over for homemade ice cream and spend long summer afternoons and evenings hanging out by the pool. BUT, this summer has been a different story……You may be wondering what these pictures have to do with making fun summer meals……well, the reality is that this summer, I am attempting to make fun summer meals from my 60 square ft. laundry room. My creativity and patience have been put to a test for the past 7 1.2 months as we have waited and watched our kitchen restoration/floor repair/remodel take place after a refrigerator …

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Creating Excitement Around the Table

Meals with little ones can be a struggle. Trying to get the kids to eat, teaching manners, trying again to get them to eat…it is exhausting.

I have found that cooking meals together creates more excitement around the table.

It might seem simple, but thinking of the cooking as a learning and bonding experience brings that attitude to the meal. Rather than seeing the frustrating and annoying things happening at the table, you see the meal you worked on as a family AND chances to teach and learn and grow together as a family!

I find that cooking together also creates an excitement to EAT the meal. PRAISE THE LORD! A meal the kids actually want to eat!!


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Tortilla Stew – The Perfect Survival Meal for the Busy Mom

Taking a meal or groceries to a new mom is one of the greatest stress relievers. Thinking of what food to prepare for meals, let alone choosing what to eat day to day, was very difficult for me when I first became a mom. There are so many things at play – sleep deprivation, having to take the baby out to get groceries, not having the time to prepare a meal – so to have someone simply say that they will bring over dinner is such a relief! This is one of my favorite meals to make with a busy toddler and not always having the time I would like to prepare dinner. It is a “Throw everything thing …

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Breakfast-Helping your Family Establish Wonderful Traditions

Mother’s Day is one of the BEST days of the year! BUT, it can also be one of the most stressful days of the year for Moms caught in the middle…..balancing celebrating your own mom, your MIL (if you are so blessed to have a MIL), and being the focus of your own family’s celebration. Allowing your immediate family to creatively organize your celebration is vital to “growing up” strong and responsible children. Releasing control of the “meals” for a holiday celebration may be challenging to many moms. So here are some suggestions that might make it easier for you to let go, relax and give your family the opportunity to celebrate you!

Besides hinting that a new plant …

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Refresh Your Next Easter Celebration with a Passover Seder

When I was growing up, my family celebrated Passover-led by my wonderful Jewish grandfather. I did not realize the incredible richness and depth of importance in the details of the Seder service until I was in my teens, after I had become a follower of Jesus. Although the Passover celebration is a Jewish festival, it holds deep significance and meaning for believers who call themselves Christians. So this Easter season, our life group from our church decided to have a Seder dinner, and the next night we attended a Seder dinner held at the Messianic Jewish Congregation gathering in a nearby town. Adding the Passover Seder dinner as part of our Easter festivities has enhanced my appreciation of the …

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