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Hatch Green Chili Enchilada Casserole

As summer winds down and you find yourself a bit stressed about getting back into the routine of school schedules, regular commitments starting up again or just a busier life ahead…this is a great recipe to have on hand. It is easy and nutritious. You can make it ahead of time and bake it later. It serves a large family and is great for parties. I made this a few weeks ago when we had a crowd of people stay for dinner after Garrett’s first birthday. If you can’t find Hatch Green Chili Salsa you can use salsa verde.

10-12 medium sized flour tortillas (I used the homemade style ones from Trader Joe’s)
4 large chicken breast cooked and …

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Family Camp Re-Invented…..When your Summer Family Camp Vacation Doesn’t turn out like you had Hoped

Many of you have read about our Summer Family Camp over the years, so you know it is one of our MOST ANTICIPATED FUN FAMILY ACTIVITIES every summer. WELL….this summer we had a hiccup in our plans when our Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room remodel was not finished in time for Family Camp. The actual target date to finish was two weeks before the family was to arrive for the July 4th weekend and suffice it to say…it is August 10th and we are still in process. We are really close to the finish line but this summer our Family Camp had to be re-invented. We told the kids that we were going to host the annual event here and they …

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Fresh Harvest Vegetable Marinara Sauce

This is the FIRST OFFICIAL recipe I have cooked in my new kitchen!!!!

We still have a few little repairs that need to be finished before it is completely done, but I can start creating new recipes and get back into my love of cooking now that I don’t have to cook in my laundry room anymore. It has been a LONG 8 months.

One of my distractions while waiting on the kitchen to be finished has been tending my vegetable garden…..Having a vegetable garden is fun and rewarding. The challenge is to use up the produce as it fills up the kitchen. So I decided to be creative and see how many of the vegetables from our garden …

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If you have been wondering where we have been for the past few weeks……we decided to take a break to fully immerse ourselves in our families for the month of July.

Starting tomorrow you can read about some of the fun experiences we have had this summer…..BUT as we all know, life is full of joys and sorrows so we will be posting about the difficult aspects of life as well. I will include a few pictures from the past month to entice you to come back and read about how we have been doing life together although we live far apart.

Rick and Kerry visit a full scale replica of Noah’s Ark-AMAZING!!!

Hiking Bishop’s Peak-INCREDIBLE!

Celebrating Garrett’s first …

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Making Summer Meals Fun

I LOVE to cook and during the summer months I like to try new recipes and use the barbecue. I LOVE to eat outside and to have friends over for homemade ice cream and spend long summer afternoons and evenings hanging out by the pool. BUT, this summer has been a different story……You may be wondering what these pictures have to do with making fun summer meals……well, the reality is that this summer, I am attempting to make fun summer meals from my 60 square ft. laundry room. My creativity and patience have been put to a test for the past 7 1.2 months as we have waited and watched our kitchen restoration/floor repair/remodel take place after a refrigerator …

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Couples Improve Communication by Sharing a Passion

Communication is key in relationships. Growing together in marriage takes time, focused attention and a decision to always be a student of your spouse-their likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, their struggles and their concerns. As we mature, we see the reality of the commitment and hard work that is needed to keep the love in marriage fresh and exciting. Marriage is not 50-50…yes there will be compromise and some give and take but unless each one of you are willing to give 100% there will be heartache. Marriages can become stagnant, spouses can get too busy with the children’s activities and all the time it takes to raise the kids. Marriage partners can drift apart as each …

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Around the Table-Communicating with our Children

This week we will be sharing about the importance of developing good communication with the members of your family. Summer time schedules are more relaxed and there is less urgency in the daily routine. This is a perfect time to start some new fun traditions around the table. It can be at breakfast when the children are beginning their day or at dinnertime when dad is home and everyone is settling in after a fun summer day full of activities. Some families have a table full of talkative children while others struggle to get their kids to answer questions with more than one word answers.
We raised girls, so talking around the table was not a difficult thing to …

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Reading-A Fun Summer Activity, A Lifelong Gift

A Book by Edgar Guest

“Now” – said a good book unto me –
“Open my pages and you shall see
Jewels of wisdom and treasures fine,
Gold and silver in every line,
And you may claim them if you but will
Open my pages and take your fill.

“Open my pages and run them o’er,
Take what you choose of my golden store.
Be you greedy, I shall not care –
All that you seize I shall gladly spare;
There is never a lock on my treasure doors,
Come – here are my jewels, make them yours!

“I am just a book on your mantel shelf,
But I can be part of your living self;
If only you’ll …

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Remodeling My Heart

Remodeling my heart….
Many of you know that we have been in a renovation/remodeling process for over 6 months. What started as an innocent pool of water in front of our refrigerator in November, has been a time of waiting, wondering, planning, decision making, waiting some more and waiting some more. Now that we are into the renovation process, full swing, a friend asked me how I have been remodeling my heart and my life? So I started to ponder……and one of the things I realized was that I am uncomfortable with uncertainty. Give me a task to do and I am on it! Give me a challenge and I am not afraid to take risks to conquer the …

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What If…Every Mom/Grandma Had a Support Community?

How would your life change as a mom or grandma if you had a community of women with whom you could share your life-your hopes and dreams, your joys and sorrows, your struggles and triumphs? These women could provide encouragement and support as well as accountability. They could be your hands and feet when you grow weary, your shoulder to cry on when you are sad, your boost of encouragement when you are down, your compass when you stray off course. Think of all the times you feel alone as you go about your day to day life. How wonderful would it be to have a small group of women who truly cared about your heart and soul? Women …

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