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Spiritually Fit


What does it mean to be healthy? What kinds of things do you do to be healthy? We pour so much time and effort into healthy living, healthy eating, healthy habits, and healthy thinking. It takes intentional effort. It takes planned out thought. It takes discipline. It takes saying yes to certain things and no to others. In the moment you may be what you think might be sacrificing, but you are trying to make certain choices, change, and change your lifestyle because of the lasting benefit. Health is such a focus of the new year, but let’s look into it from a different perspective.

Some people call it dieting, others call it healthy living. But it is all the same thing. It all comes down to changing your actions to change the effect. What should really be focusing on is creating a healthy lifestyle.  Because then it isn’t just a fad, the newest trend, or a temporary phase. A changed lifestyle lasts. When you first start a diet you usually cut things out or add things in.  Have less dessert throughout the week, make healthier choices at meals, and control your portions.  The more established those habits become, the more routine it becomes.  It becomes second nature to make healthy choices. It becomes a part of who you are.  Usually over time you prefer the good things rather than the instant pleasure of the not so healthy things. Your appetite changes. Your cravings change. And you change.

Often times faith and a spiritual life is seen as something that is regimented and monitored.  You have to “do” all these things to feel close to God.  There is a continual push to read your Bible, pray, and be surrounded by good people. And we say it is because you …

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Simple Ways to Connect

Do you find a whole week goes by and you haven’t found one moment for yourself, you feel like you have accomplished nothing, or you don’t remember what you did in the week? As the new year has begun, I have been trying to think of simple ways I can connect. Ways I can connect to God, to myself, to my husband, to my boy, and with the world around me. As I have reflected the ways I want to grow, I have discovered some simple ways that can ground me, keep me connected, and make me feel more fulfilled.

Connecting with God

  • Prayer- I really like when I make intentional effort to pray at specific times or for specific things. It helps me remember and is something consistent. Like when I drive I can pray for my community. When I get ready in the morning I can pray for my family. When I serve food we can always pray before a meal. When I get ready for bed I can thank God for where I saw him that day
  • Time in Scripture- It is so easy for whole days to pass by and I totally forget to even think about God. Great things I have found are the
    • First 5 App
    • If Gathering App
    • She Reads truth App
    • The Bible App
  • Worship Music- A great way to get in touch with the Lord through song, worship, praise. Listen to the words
  • Podcasts- Find your favorite pastors or favorite churches podcasts. Listen while you drive, walk, run, do dishes, etc.

Connecting with Yourself:

  • What do you like to do? Think of one thing you can do a week for yourself
  • Journal
  • Focus on being thankful: I used a thankfulness journal for years and loved it
  • 5 minutes a day book:
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The name of Jesus: PRINCE OF PEACE


Jesus has another name, PRINCE OF PEACE! This name can be self explanatory, the prince of the king, who brings peace to the world. But let’s dig in a little bit. Sarah Young, in her book ¨Jesus Lives  explains Prince of peace through this devotional by writing to us from the PRINCE OF PEACE.

I am the Lord of Peace, the only source of genuine peace. I give you this gift, not as something separate from Myself, but as part of My core essence. As you open your heart and mind to Me, My peace is present- readily available to you. However, this glorious gift is not somethign you can grab on the run. You need to take time to focus on Me and enjoy My presence, putting everything else aside for awhile.

You live in the midst of intense spiritual battles, and My Peace is an essential part of the armor I provide for you. To stay on your feet during combat, you need to wear sturdy warfare boots- the Gospel of Peace. This good news assures you that I love you and I am for you: I am on your side.

Many of My followers forfeit Peace because they view Me as someone who is constantly scrutinizing their lives- peering at them through critical eyes. On the contrary, I gaze at you through eyes of perfect Love. When you are feeling like a failure, talk to yourself and tell yourself the truth: My death on the cross covers all your sins. I love you regardless of how well or poorly you perform- simply because you are Mine. Rejoice in this Gospel-Peace; it is yours to enjoy at all times and in every way. 

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times

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The Name of Jesus: SAVIOR

What’s in a name? In the Bible, names are very important. So looking at the names of Jesus can bring an amazing picture of the character and different roles of Jesus.

Who is Jesus? Why did he come to earth? How can we have a greater understanding of the saving grace and purpose of Jesus.

Jesus as Savior means Salvation. John 4:42 says, “They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”

In the devotional Jesus Lives, by Sarah Young, an excerpt on Hope, which is written from Jesus to YOU, states:

I am your Risen, Living Savior! Through my resurrection you have been born again to an ever-living hope. It is vital for you to remain hopeful, no matter what is going on in your life. People put their hope in a variety of things- wealth, power, health, medical treatments- but these are all insufficient. When storms break upon your life, you can find only one adequate source of help-ME! The hope I provide is an anchor for your soul, firm and secure in the midst of tempestuous waters. A good way to reamin anchored in Me is to whisper as often as needed: “Jesus, You are my Hope”. This affirmation strengthens you and keeps you connected to me.

I am constantly working to transofrm your life. You need My help continually to keep your hope alive. I stand ready to help you at all times- during stormy episodes as well as times of smooth sailing. I am not only ever-living but also more abundatly alive than you can possibly imagine. There are no limites to what My great Power and Glory can

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Great is Thy Faithfulness

How great is our God?  Do you see Him as the great God he is? Or do you put other things on the throne of you hear in His place? Thankfulness, the attitude of the heart, helps you reflect and resonate on God’s faithfulness because you focus on what God has done, where God has been in your life, and the worship of the true God.


The pilgrims, on their journey “in lean times as well as relatively plentiful—they gathered for prayer, meditation, the singing of hymns, and a sermon. It was their regular practice to stop and give thanks to God at the outset of each week. They did this despite hardships and heartache, and their faithfulness is a bright example for how we are to honor the Lord with our thanks in every season. ”

Are you able to reflect on the Lord’s faithfulness despite the current circumstance you are in? What do you do to center your heart and reflect on what God has done in your life?  He is GREAT. He is WORKING. And he LOVES you.

Spend some time thinking about what God has done in your life and thank Him for it.  Pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for His faithfulness:

“Father, You have been so faithful to me over the course of my life, showing Your care and provision time and again. I’m so grateful for the way You have walked with me, sustained me, encouraged me, strengthened me, comforted me, and loved me in every season. Thank You!” (excerpts from Revive our Hearts: Gratitude Challenge)

Discover the you God created you to be. And see His fingerprints throughout your life. And thank Him for the path you have been on and the fact the GOD has been walking with you. Even when …

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Gratitude is strength

When you have a grateful heart, it changes your perspective on everything.  You experience heart change, expression change, spirit change. You feel like a different person. Gratitude can affect your physical, spiritual, and emotional health. It can affect everything. Gratitude satisfies. Have you heard the phrase “it is well with my soul”. Well gratitude centers everything you are on the things that are really important. And being centered and “well with the soul” gives you strength. A strong person is grateful for what he has and centers themselves on the things that matter.

Gratitude is the cure for so many things. Have you found yourself in the dumps? Have you been complaining? Have you been feeling bad about yourself? Have you been short with your kids? Take some time to think about the things you can be grateful for and try to notice how it affects you.

And smile. Smiling can change your mood and change what your heart is focusing on. Take some time to be grateful. Pay attention to how you feel. And live centered on gratitude. And find your strength.

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Thanksgiving EVERY Day

November is a great time to be reminded of thankfulness. But why just in November?? We should be thankful every day for all the things and people we are blessed with.

Exra 3:11 With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord:

“He is good;
    his love toward Israel endures forever.”

And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.”

When I take time to focus on my blessings and why I am thankful, I have a completely different persona and perspective about life. I feel refreshed, energized, and filled with joy. So I am thankful for the reminder of November to be thankful. But I to take that into the rest of my life. Recently, my husband and I have been sharing the best part of our days at night. And it helps me reflect on thankfulness. So I am thankful for specific time that my husband and I get to connect, and the focus on thankfulness!

How can you incorporate more thankfulness into your everyday?

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Meghan Meredith and the Why behind Whole Body Fitness Planner


  1. All about Meghan Meredith
    1. Life motto: Today is a good day to be well! I came up with this quote while writing and creating my fitness planner and I really love it as a life motto because each day is a day we can choose to be well and begin the journey to being our best, most well self- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    2. Favorite food: Oh there’s so many! I love eating whole, fresh foods like crisp, cold radishes or a salad but I also love ice cream and chips and guac!
    3. Favorite dessert: Magnolia Bakery cupcakes or ice cream!
    4. Favorite Disney character: Ariel- just because we both have red hair!
    5. One thing you can’t live without: I can’t live without my Bible! And mascara!
    6. Favorite book: Again, so many good ones. Obviously, the Bible is the best book and the best story of all time but other than that, I love One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and glean something new every time I read it…and I’ve read it 3 or 4 times!
    7. One bucket list item: Go to Tahiti! I’ve really been craving a South Pacific vacation in a hut over the water! That would be a dream!
    8. Favorite Bible verse: Again, so many good ones! I love this verse in Habakkuk a lot though and Habakkuk is one of my favorite books! Habakkuk 1:5 “Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed, For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”
    9. Short biography: I am rural Pennsylvania raised, Wheaton College educated, married my Military man in Atlanta, living the good life in sunny Los Angeles currently…until the Air Force sends us to our next home. I’m a lover of beauty and
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Passion Perspective: Whole Body Fitness Planner

We love taking a little time to represent some amazing people in our lives and showing what they are doing. Life is filled with some amazing people, isn’t it? So today and tomorrow, we are looking into the life of Meghan Meredith, who has a passion for living a well life and inspiring others to do the same. Come along the journey with us as we explore her dreams, visions, and her most recent project.



Check out her website here

Tomorrow we will learn what inspired this great idea and go behind the scenes with Meghan Meredith! Stay tuned!


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I was inspired today by the question, what is one thing you have done in your life that you never thought you would do… It got me thinking and reflecting on who I am, the person I have become, and where I have been. As busy adults we don’t often take time to look back at the path we have been on that has brought us to where we are today. But if you think about it, you have overcome obstacles, pushed through setbacks, broken limitations, and conquered your fears. Not your path compared to the rest of the world. But your path for you. The person you are. The things you have pushed through, grown from, and moved into.

So what is it for you? What have you done in your life that you never thought you could do, or were scared to do? Run a marathon? Given a speech? Gone skydiving? Given birth?  And what have you still not done? We all have these limitations that we put on ourselves that we think we can’t do… but I think its time to push through that lens. Look at where you’ve come from, and think you can. Just like the little engine that could, “think you can”. We aren’t all created to be a CEO of a company or the best cook in town, but you were created to be you. Don’t compare yourself to what everyone else is doing, the success they are having, or their picture of “having it all together”  And don’t let that you be held back by your hardest critic, yourself.  Go Big. Think of something that you want to do. You were also created to be courageous, to dream big, and to live free. So be you, do something big (for you), and …

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