Simple Ways to Connect

Do you find a whole week goes by and you haven’t found one moment for yourself, you feel like you have accomplished nothing, or you don’t remember what you did in the week? As the new year has begun, I have been trying to think of simple ways I can connect. Ways I can connect to God, to myself, to my husband, to my boy, and with the world around me. As I have reflected the ways I want to grow, I have discovered some simple ways that can ground me, keep me connected, and make me feel more fulfilled.

Connecting with God

  • Prayer- I really like when I make intentional effort to pray at specific times or for specific things. It helps me remember and is something consistent. Like when I drive I can pray for my community. When I get ready in the morning I can pray for my family. When I serve food we can always pray before a meal. When I get ready for bed I can thank God for where I saw him that day
  • Time in Scripture- It is so easy for whole days to pass by and I totally forget to even think about God. Great things I have found are the
    • First 5 App
    • If Gathering App
    • She Reads truth App
    • The Bible App
  • Worship Music- A great way to get in touch with the Lord through song, worship, praise. Listen to the words
  • Podcasts- Find your favorite pastors or favorite churches podcasts. Listen while you drive, walk, run, do dishes, etc.

Connecting with Yourself:

  • What do you like to do? Think of one thing you can do a week for yourself
  • Journal
  • Focus on being thankful: I used a thankfulness journal for years and loved it
  • 5 minutes a day book: I used to use a book that you would write one line a day about your life that day. I love looking back on it.
  • Are you a mom? I love these podcasts: Risen Motherhood and God Centered Mom

Connecting with your Kids:

  • Ask them about their day
  • Sit down with them during meals or whenever you get a chance
  • Connect with them over something they like to do
  • Stop and listen
  • Have fun table talk

Connecting with your Husband

  • Turn the TV off and put the phone down
  • Make a concerted effort for table talk, connect over your day
  • Go to bed at the same time
  • Pray together

Get connected! These are just some ideas. But find what works for you!

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