Christmas Crafting 101-Christmas Garlands, Super Easy, Super FUN!!!

Do you have a box full of Christmas fabric scraps? You have never had the heart to just throw them away and you are sure that someday you will figure out a cool Christmas crafty project to make with those scraps. Well today is the day!!! We are going to show you the 5 easy steps to making a Christmas fabric garland. Get out that box of Christmas fabric scraps and let’s get started. (IF you do not have a box of scraps, zip on out to your favorite fabric store and buy ¼ yard of 5-10 fun Christmas fabrics that look good together and buy a ball of twine and then zip on home and join in on this fun craft project. This is great to do with your kids or grandkids because there is something for everyone to do. Kids of all ages will love this craft project.

What you need for this project:

About ¼ yard of 5-10 Christmas fabrics that match or coordinate to create a nice arrangement of colors
1 ball of twine
fabric scissors
lots of excited participants to share in the fun

1. Cut your fabric scraps into fabric strips that are each 1 ½ inches wide by 7 inches long.
2. Cut a length of twine as long as you want your garland and add 12 inches(that leaves 6 inches at the ends of your garland so you have options to hang up your garland or use it for a hearth or table runner).
3. Tie one end of your twine to a chair rail or something stable to make tying knots easier. Stretch out the twine and tie the other end to another chair or something stable.
Begin tying knots of fabric at one end of the twine and continue until all cut pieces of fabric have been tied onto the twine.
4. Push the pieces of fabric close together to form a ruffled looking garland of beautiful Christmas fabric. You can do a well balanced pattern or just have the fabrics scattered throughout. 5. Kids can do their own short garlands for their rooms. Have fun weaving these beautiful garlands on your mantle, on your table or tie them over your windows or in front of a piece of furniture. Be creative. Have fun and get everyone involved!!!

What is one of your favorite Christmas crafts? Maybe you can add this garland to your list of favorites!

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