What if every day, all year long…….I remembered to be THANKFUL?????

What if tomorrow’s blessings and joy depended on today’s thankfulness…how much joy would I have tomorrow? This is just a hypothetical question because blessings are not necessarily a direct result of our thankfulness, but it is a great question to ponder. How often do I stop and give thanks for the beauty that surrounds me, the air I breathe, the home we have to give us shelter and security-a place to gather with family and friends. How often am I thankful for those I love the most? It is important to speak encouragement and blessings into the lives of the people we know and doubly important to show our thankfulness by communicating thoughts of life and love into the hearts of those we love the most. It brings me great joy to think of all the things I am thankful for, but I do not want to just remember to do this in November. I want to be a person that acknowledges my gratefulness by speaking words of encouragement and sharing my attitude of gratitude every day, all year long. Just think what my tomorrow would bring!!!!!

What if tomorrow’s blessings and joy depended on today’s thankfulness?

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