I was inspired today by the question, what is one thing you have done in your life that you never thought you would do… It got me thinking and reflecting on who I am, the person I have become, and where I have been. As busy adults we don’t often take time to look back at the path we have been on that has brought us to where we are today. But if you think about it, you have overcome obstacles, pushed through setbacks, broken limitations, and conquered your fears. Not your path compared to the rest of the world. But your path for you. The person you are. The things you have pushed through, grown from, and moved into.

So what is it for you? What have you done in your life that you never thought you could do, or were scared to do? Run a marathon? Given a speech? Gone skydiving? Given birth?  And what have you still not done? We all have these limitations that we put on ourselves that we think we can’t do… but I think its time to push through that lens. Look at where you’ve come from, and think you can. Just like the little engine that could, “think you can”. We aren’t all created to be a CEO of a company or the best cook in town, but you were created to be you. Don’t compare yourself to what everyone else is doing, the success they are having, or their picture of “having it all together”  And don’t let that you be held back by your hardest critic, yourself.  Go Big. Think of something that you want to do. You were also created to be courageous, to dream big, and to live free. So be you, do something big (for you), and have fun doing it.