Inspiration for a New Season


And even though the weather in Sunny Southern California has yet to receive the memo, we are still VERY excited. To me, Fall means holidays, celebrations, food, and fun.

BUT–it can also mean BUSY BUSY BUSY.

So how to we find inspiration to have fun and make the most of this time of year without getting caught up in the fast pace of it all?

  1. Make Lists – write down what is MOST important to you. Make time for what matters most, leave a little time for last minute plans, and be prepared to say no to things that don’t make the list.
  2. Evaluate your goals – what is the motivation behind things you want to do or accomplish. This will help you see what is most important! Things that have meaning have value and will be more likely to get done!
  3. Stay Active – many people are waiting until January to start new fitness goals, but WHY WAIT?!! Wouldn’t it be SO MUCH BETTER to enter the Fall season with energy and feeling great! Schedule in your workouts. Make plans to meet friends for accountability. Sign up for a new class to challenge yourself!
  4. Eat Nourishing Food – Health is SUPER important to our family and we would love to make a plan with you to make the Fall season your healthiest yet!!! (Email us or message us on Facebook or Instagram).
  5. Have quiet time – schedule in time for quiet. My favorite is first thing in the morning for devotions and yoga before my kids wake up.
  6. SERVE – Do unto others! This is a great time of year to take the focus off you. This can be something big, like volunteering, or something small, like taking a special meal or treat to a friend.
  7. Stay organized – Keep things written down so you feel prepared and on track and your to do list doesn’t weigh on you!
  8. Get outside – Don’t underestimate the power of a nice relaxing walk. We might feel the need to go go go, but reconnecting with quiet, nature, and loved ones is a great way to get inspired to be at your best!
  9. PLAY – Put your lists on the back burner for a few minutes and just PLAY with your kids, your pets, or some friends!! Laugh!! Smile!! RECHARGE!
  10. Get creative – Make something with your two hands. Draw. Color. I find that doing something creative is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and get inspired!!

What is your favorite way to get inspired?