Out with the Old, in with the new

After a blissful free summer, sometimes school and fall can hit you like a slap in the face. School, homework, practice, holidays right around the corner, and the days getting shorter. But… I guess it is good to have a reality check and get back into the swing of things. I think this time of year is the perfect time to set some intentions, try new things, reorganize your priorities, and get after it!

Keep an organized Calendar. Whatever it is, phone, planner, chalkboard, be consistent. And make sure you add new things when they come up.

Choose one new thing that challenges your mind. Try something new. A class, book, hobby, writing, job, side biz… Whatever it is, challenge yourself to broad your horizons, even if its just a little bit. Just don’t be afraid.

Keep the most important things the priority. Set your intentions. Know yourself. Do the most important things first. Life tends to just roll right through if you aren’t intentional with your time.

Choose a time of the week. Chose a time of the week where you are going to get organized, plan out the week, make lists, set goals, and get after life.

Don’t be afraid to try new systems. Don’t get stuck in the old ways. If you want to try something new like meal planning or a new grocery list app or a new online ordering system, do it. If it works for you, great, if not, stop. But you will never know if you don’t try.

It is okay to say no. You do not have to do everything. Say no, and don’t feel guilty about it. You can only handle so much.

Get rid of a few things. Look at your closet or your space, what isn’t getting used. Sell it on a marketplace or local website. Live simpler. It will help you be more thankful for what you have.

You do you: Who do you want to be these next couple months? Be confident in who you are. Live strong, bold, and free in you.

Don’t let anyone or anything drag you down. Find the good in life. Find reasons to be thankful, blessed, and reasons to smile. They are all around you.

This month, I have finished my training to be a certified Fit4mom instructor. I am so excited about it! Yes it is a commitment, it will take time, I will have to say no to things, but I have said YES to this challenge and I know it will grow me and strengthen me to become a better me! I have also started meal planning for the week every Sunday (at least a rough idea of what we are doing) It really helps me keep my head on straight, especially when my little one is clawing at my legs when I am trying to make dinner. My moms group mottos is Peace in Simplicity, and I feel as though I am being led to be peaceful in the things I am committed to and not feeling guilty about saying no. My no is saying Yes to something else or yes to more time with my son or my husband and that is a good thing. I am trying to organize my life better, in all areas so I don’t constantly feel distracted or pulled in a million different directions. I will keep you guys posted on this one. I also am spending a little time each night reflecting on the best part of my day. It is helping me see the world through a new lens and I love being able to be so thankful!