If you have been wondering where we have been for the past few weeks……we decided to take a break to fully immerse ourselves in our families for the month of July.

Starting tomorrow you can read about some of the fun experiences we have had this summer…..BUT as we all know, life is full of joys and sorrows so we will be posting about the difficult aspects of life as well. I will include a few pictures from the past month to entice you to come back and read about how we have been doing life together although we live far apart.

Rick and Kerry visit a full scale replica of Noah’s Ark-AMAZING!!!

Hiking Bishop’s Peak-INCREDIBLE!

Celebrating Garrett’s first birthday-how has the year gone by so fast! Celebrating Ashkon’s birthday-such JOY!

 Visiting Tilden Park-feeding animals, hiking and riding the train-such FUN!

Enjoying extended family time celebrating July 4th!