Healthy Meals in the Summer Heat

Anyone else melting in this heat? I sure am. And it can make sticking to healthy meal plans tricky.

Having fun on our meal prep day!

I have 2 tips to make things easier for you and your family.


Spend one day with the AC on and get all your baking and cooking done!

I roast veggies, made cookies, and prepared easy to grab snacks.

Prepped these AWESOME sweet potato nachos!!! They lasted all week.

I keep protein balls in the fridge for quick snacks or a little energy boost.

Lots of healthy superfood shakes

Then use your crock pot or make lots of fresh meals that don’t require the oven!!

TIP 2: Get creative

Make just a few meals and stretch them to as many meals as possible. This will support less evenings in the kitchen and longer days outside or at the pool.

I made a large crockpot of Bolognese and stretched it 3 or 4 nights – over pasta, over salad, “meat” ball sandwiches, and pizza sauce.

Last week I added our Mexican Summer Salad to a bowl of spinach and crock pot salsa verde chicken!

The freshness really accented the crockpot meat and it was perfect for the heat.

TIP 3: Get outside and BBQ!!!

Make meals fun and involve the whole family!

We hope that you have enjoyed our tips to highlight communication in your family during playtime and during meal time!