Creating Excitement Around the Table

Meals with little ones can be a struggle. Trying to get the kids to eat, teaching manners, trying again to get them to eat…it is exhausting.

I have found that cooking meals together creates more excitement around the table.

It might seem simple, but thinking of the cooking as a learning and bonding experience brings that attitude to the meal. Rather than seeing the frustrating and annoying things happening at the table, you see the meal you worked on as a family AND chances to teach and learn and grow together as a family!

I find that cooking together also creates an excitement to EAT the meal. PRAISE THE LORD! A meal the kids actually want to eat!!

Counting out chocolate chips for our Chocolate Protein Muffins.

Working together and taking turns to make dinner.

Cooking together is also a great time to practice counting, measuring, taking turns, sharing, listening, and all sorts of fun learning experiences!

How do you create excitement around meals for your family?