Sharing YOUR Favorite Things With Friends

Summer is a great time to share time with friends. School is out, schedules are simplified, and the days are long. Fill those long days with friends and simple activities!

I am working on having more of an open home – inviting people over more often. I decided to host a couple events this week, and it was SO fun!

In the past, I have felt nervous about having people over. I get in my head, “my house is small, I’m not good at decorating, where will the kids hang out, what will we do, do I feed people?” The reality is, people LIKE to be invited to things and hang out with friends! I had the idea to host little get togethers with a theme – that way I feel like I clearly communicated what I would provide for the moms and kids, and it made me feel more comfortable having people over.

I focused on things the girls and I love and made it fun! Clearly, it isn’t “Come over and critique my decorating skills.” (wink!!)

We hosted a SHAKES AND SWIMMING day. It was a BLAST! The kids had so much fun and I was able to share things I love with friends and my girls right by my side the whole time. I have such a heart to share how my life has been impacted physically and financially the past couple years, and getting to do that alongside my girls fuels my passion for helping other moms do the same!

I would encourage you to share YOUR favorite things with your friends. Pick activities and things you like and invite others along. Picnic and Popsicles, Sandwiches and Swimming, Play at the park…So many moms are looking for friendship and just need a gentle nudge or push to get out and join others. The fun thing is you might discover new favorite things along the way, and make new friends too!