Creative Ways to Memorize Scripture

It’s summer! Kids are out of school! That means 3 months of no learning, right?? Hate to break it to you kids, but not exactly! Summer is a great time to focus on some of the things that may get put on the back burner during the craziness of the school year, like memorizing Bible verses! Even if there is an emphasis in your house to do this all year round, use the summer months to try some more creative ways to get those verses ingrained in your kids! It is so important to communicate to your children the importance of memorizing Scripture, hiding it in your heart and filling your mind with God’s Word! Make it fun, and make it a family activity! Set goals of when to learn each verse and spend time at meals or when you are getting ready for bed to practice each part of the verse you have learned that week!



  • ABC Scripture Cards – put a verse up in your house for a week and memorize the verse with each member of your family!
  • 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know Free Printable Bible Cards- comes with coloring pages to aid in the memorization and a reward chart!

3. HAND MOTIONS – Hand motions are a great way for kids to learn. I still remember the hand motions from chapel and church songs from when I was very young, not to mention every word of the songs, too!

4. BIBLE VERSE BOARD (click on the photos to see more details)

  • Chevron Verse of the Week Board 
  • Rustic Verse of the Week Board 
  • Large Chalkboard Frame
  • Farmhouse Chalkboard
  • Large Chalkboard Wall Decor
  • Letter Folk Boards   

    What are your favorite ways to learn Scripture or teach your kids memory verses?